Fiore, founded and situated in Southern Africa, produces services competitive with global standards, and is immensely proud of its South African roots. Our philosophy demands that we set global standards for interactive communication, graphic designing, advertising and outstanding performance in the fields of:

  • brand architecture
  • skills development
  • project management
  • marketing,
  • sustainability
  • entrepreneurship
  • business & financial management
  • publishing
  • social development


Our Vision 

  • To be regarded as one of the best organization in our communities and country that instills hope and unity in through tailor made programmes.

Mission of Fiore Online Magazine

  • To aid and empower disadvantaged individuals within the community in order to create a unified wholesome and creative environment.

Objectives of Fiore Online Magazine

  • To create a sense of belonging within a child that they do not have to fall prey to peer pressure, drugs, alcohol and pregnancy
  • Economic empowerment, teaching the students to start planning for their careers early (entrepreneurial or otherwise), goal settings, mentor identification etc. and life skills.
  • Rebuilding families, school communities and poverty alleviation.
  • Bring to the forefront organizations that are mandated / choose to assist members of the community.
  • Therapeutic Rehabilitation.
  • Sustainable Livelihood programmes enhance the level of skills development in communities
  • Financial & Business Management emphasize the importance of entrepreneurship and investing, for a better future and sense of survival


a. Vision statement

Create a services giving the highest level and safety and comfort.

b. Mission statement

Our Purpose is to create a safe, reliable, and comfortable service, and enhance our rider experience.

c. Business goals & objectives

  • Provide the highest level of service and communication at all costs.
  • Provide the highest level of customer and communication satisfaction.
  • To reach a larger part of our market.
  • Incorporate comfort features in our fleet for a better online view experience.

Business strategy

  • Create the conditions for increased support for customer relation.
  • Increase engagement in the Online Mgazine, Onine Publishing and Marketing sub-sector.
  • Diversify engagement in Customer Acceptance.
  • Commit to striving for proficiency emissions testing and safety.

d. Economic intent

  • Direct Economic Intent
  • Top-line Growth
  • Bottom-line Growth
  • Indirect Economic Intent:
  • Top-line Growth
  • Bottom-line Growth
  • Operation Management
  • Economic Value of idle time
  • Economic Value of reduced Debtors turnover
  • Economic Value of efficient purchase management

HR & Admin

  • Economic Value of low consumer/beneficiary turnover & high consumer/beneficiary satisfaction
  • Treasury & Accounts
  • Economic Value of efficient cash-flow management
  • Economic Value for efficient fund & borrowing management



Fiore Magazine

The purpose of this magazine is to present a proposal of social development, skills development, sustainability and marketing plan for targeted communities around South Africa respectively. Fiore Magazine a company that is developing a magazine for the youth: BeYou. The magazine aims to study the major marketing and sustainability trends in the sector, as well as to  identify the business opportunity in the market in order to implement the magazine.  Supported by qualitative interviews focused on the needs and preferences of the youth, insights about the customers and market were acquired. By identifying an  opportunity on the magazines field suited for leisure times, a plan was developed to define the appropriate positioning and marketing strategy.

Keywords: BeYou, Online Magazine, Targeted News, Youth Magazine.

Tailor made articles will cover publications such as sports, local services, empowerment, job advertising, job creation, classifieds, entrepreneurship and daily local news about relevant updates concerning social and skills development


For a community to prosper and breed future leaders; there must be proper mentors, community leaders/policing forum and teachers who inspire, influence and teach the young, and bold children to influence their decision making processes and actions. Fiore is committed to bridge the gap between the teacher, learner and parent, child in addressing social issues especially those related to alcohol and substance abuse, gang violence and bulling at schools and teenage pregnancies. Our core-mission is to provide learner & parent counselling on issues related to bullying and drugs use at high schools, teenage pregnancy, crime, illiteracy, poverty and reduce the rate of lack of resources. People accessing our website will be able to have sufficient information/updates such as available job posts, hiring companies, available scholarships and/or bursaries, intern-ships, available local in-house-services such as plumbing, tilling, building and bricklaying and welding amongst the list. this will enable local business owners to advertise their company services hence increasing the potential of job creation within located communities. Furthermore additional services will include entrepreneurship programmes available advertised by prominent companies in search of potential candidates. This creates a notable platform for young and upcoming entrepreneurs to empower themselves with sufficient knowledge and information. For us to promote good learner habits, prioritization and patriotism, we working on a learner beneficiary movement initiatives which are part of Fiore flagship initiatives. Altogether with the Fiore, these initiatives will include sports, debates, community projects, youth entrepreneurship, mentor ship programmes, arts and culture programmes and many more.

To Fiore, children educational support, skills development, sustainability, mentor ship, entertainment and travelling are at the core of our existence. A happy child in a crime and drug free society has unlimited opportunities as drugs and crime do not become a priority. Fiore provides information for such a niche gap in our beloved communities and youth As Fiore we decided to adopt schools, communities, churches, institutions around South Africa, which are prone to social problems, illiteracy, poverty, troublesome learners, special needs children and we have an objective to promote the nonusage of alcohol and drugs and the importance of abstaining from sexual activities; These programmes tends to influence the school, parent and child to work together towards a common purpose. Parents are encouraged to be part of the programmes and make sure that the child attends the events and programmes, give us and the school feedback in terms of the behavioural changes of the child at home.