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Fiore Mag is based in South Africa

Company Objectives

  • To create a nationally driven approach to Developmental Programming which is  focused on building community ownership and pride in the public and shared spaces through initiatives projects. It will be structured to engage  these communities at all stages of the development process, with the express  objectives of:
  • Creating event work for artists, designers, researchers, storytellers, crafter, performance artists and arrange of other workers involved in the realization and  presentation of public artworks;
  • Achieving a range of impacts in adjacent areas: safe and decent Human  Settlements/Housing, Skills Transfer AND education, Community well-being &  HEALTH and Community-driven public works
  • Catalysing work creation and economic activity in range of associated sectors:  tourism, hospitality, property  development and so on
  • To up-scale existing public art projects and create public interest in public arts role in their communities  creating real jobs, stimulating local economy, enhancing quality of life, raising awareness diversity of local history heritage and allowing increased diversity of cultural offerings and or over longer duration for the event with obvious economic and social benefit for the location and or ensuring that positive spin-off/impacts
  • Create a work-flow network with local and well published and established organisations to empower the young and upcoming entrepreneurs.
  • The importance of financial management;Investing, Capital, Profit and Expenditure (ICPE)
  • Drug Alleviation to create a drug-free community and environment for community residents and those affected and addicted to drugs