Social interactions are, like people, the product of an evolutionary process. In the 1800s  all communication required face-toface contact, if one wants to be informed, one would have to be with the right people, since the information and news did not come to meet them. The world has been witnessing an amazing evolution from the unquestionable  importance of magazines and newspapers to a phase in which the digital devices are the main source of information and communication, through the Internet. Nowadays, more than 200 years later, the way people get informed suffered an extraordinary transformation, with Social Networks enabling everybody to be informed and connected  without that much effort as it was necessary erstwhile.  The digital is part of everyone’s life and it will represent the driver of future operating models, consumer relationships, and revenue growth. During the next five years it is believed that digital will account for 58.9% of the total industry revenues and one believes that an intense shift toward digital consumption in what concerns newspapers and magazines will occur. As stated above, information is reaching people at a faster pace and in an ever-increasing array of devices. Particularly for the younger people, the existence of smart mobile devices is a determinant factor for looking up and accessing information: smart-phones, tablets or other electronic readers are part of the majority of these peoples life. Another factor that fosters the usage of  these electronic devices is the reality of mobile apps that promote the addiction for smart-phones. It is important to highlight that Social Networks and the mobile apps are the reason why those mobile apps present such a tremendous growth .



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